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Our Crew

Capt. Rick
Not the "oldest airboat captain around...but definately the most experienced airboat captain in the area, with over 18 years of experience actually on airboats. He is a nuisance alligator trapper for the state...and still has all his fingers! Capt Rick is also an Army veteran and one of the countries few remaining true Sternwheel boat captains. Come visit him on the Betsy Ann Riverboat too!
Capt. Mike
"The Old Bald Guy" and our resident prankster. Absolutely the funnest captain on any airboat in N Florida! Just ask him! With over 12 years of being on the water with us, he says he only has 38 years left to retire at 100.
Capt. Ranger
Retired military, enjoying the beach life and loves driving the airboats! Ranger is an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, and also has his own fishing if ya wanna fish, ask him about it!
Capt. Nancy
Even the alligators won't cross her! A registered nurse for 30 years...this she does for fun! Ever seen someone give an alligator stitches?
Capt. Duck aka Dean
Our newest addition the the Airboat Adventures family and the brother of Capt Ed, (who deserted us and is running airboats in Orlando) Duck is very fun captain, that doesn't mind getting his feet wet...and he is a great bee whisperer!
Miss shelly
.."the VOICE" on the phone! And the one that will tell you where to go! (to get on the boat that is)...have you ever seen an alligator smile like that?
David and "BUBBA"
..folks, THIS is a show that you will not see anywhere else in the country. Bubba is a 20 year old american alligator that is voice and hand command trained! David, we just got potty trained.
The Matriarch, full blooded mutt and part traveling salesman! Absolutely the worlds sorriest dog.